10 things every dog needs

10 Things Every Dog Needs

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Wade and I got a dog a couple of months after we moved in together, that was almost 10 years ago. I never grew up having dogs, or many pets for that matter, but I knew that they would have to be a part of our family from that point on. Our first dog was Penny, she is still with us but a much older dog and now we also have Sasha who was my in laws dog but then became our dog. Penny is a mut of unknown breeds (no, seriously, no vet has been able to really figure it out) and Sasha is a Chow/Shiba Inu mix. Both girls are super friendly and wonderful dogs to have, but through these 10 years I have some learned some things which warrants a list style post. You know I love to share a list of tips!! Here are 10 things every dog needs!

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1. A Comfy Place to Sleep: A lot of the day is spent sleeping and that is basically because dogs have pretty amazing lives. If you are a ‘no animals on the furniture’ type of person, then you should really invest in a dog bed. You can find nice ones almost anywhere, but it is definitely an important place to start. Our dogs basically have their own spaces on the couch, but there is plenty of space so that is totally ok with us.

2. A Great Dog Food: This is a big one! Penny is on a prescription diet which we could have Sasha on, but it would just be so expensive and not really what Sasha needs. We still want to make sure that she is on a great food, but have been struggling to figure out the best option, that is until we found Purina One and the 28 Day Challenge. Before the challenge, Sasha was happy, but kind of tired and sluggish. During the challenge, she was a level of happy I had not seen before at dinner time- I mean check out this picture of her standing up because she is so excited to eat!

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3. Treats: Of course dogs need treats, but I usually keep them to chicken or white rice that is left over from dinner and just mix it into the food. If I am stopping by the store, I like to get double duty treats, things that serve a purpose like dental chews or other items.

4. An Awesome Place to Play: Of course backyards are great, but you should also have a great dog park or beach that you go to regularly. Luckily, because we live in San Diego, we have the luxury of being able to go to Dog Beach in Ocean Beach which is a leash free place for dogs to play- ours love it!

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5. Exercise: Even if you do have a backyard, taking walks with the dogs is not only fun for them, but good for their health too. Also, walks on concrete side walks help to keep the dogs nails filed down as well!

6. A Good Groomer: This is vital and I didn’t know this until Sasha had an unfortunate experience. I took her in and their must had been a miscommunication because when they brought her out, I just didn’t recognize her! It all grew back and of course she was still adorable but that is not a mistake I will make again!

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7. A Go To Pet Store: We know the exact hours and store layout of our local pet store which is so important when we run out of things we need. But I will say, it is so nice that I know I can get Purina One at Target and Walmart even if my pet store is closed!

8. Friends: Sasha loves to play with other dogs and we love getting all the family dogs together in the yard, the park or the beach. Dogs need playdates too!

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9. Toys: This should be a no brainer but you have to have toys! I don’t like to get wrapped up in what the toy is, my favorite is picking them up after holidays when they are on clearance. The dogs don’t care, and Sasha is going to just chew the face of whatever it is anyways!

10. To Be Part of the Family: All of these things are important but you really just need to make sure that they are part of the family. Sasha and Penny have a place in our family, even if it is under the folded laundry sometimes.

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I am so glad that we took on the 28 Day Challenge with Purina One and Sasha is much happier and ready to play at a moment’s notice. I also think that she was able to drop a couple of pounds (she needed to) and that could be because of the great food but also the added energy and interest in play! If you are interested in seeing the benefits of the 28 Day Challenge in your furry friend, you are in luck! You can sign up for the challenge and get a $3 off coupon for your bag that will last the whole challenge! You pet (and your wallet) will be happier!

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