10 of the cutest christmas holiday cards

10 of the Cutest Christmas Holiday Cards

It is holiday card time! Aren’t you so excited! I love picking out the pictures, choosing the design, getting them in the mail and sending them out. The whole process is so much fun! Almost as much as getting everyone else’s in the mail as well. We all know how nice it is to get anything in the mail that isn’t a bill and pictures of friends and family are even better! Let’s check out the 10 cutest Christmas holiday cards that I found on Minted.com!

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  1. This Retro Worded Tree is one of the first ones that caught my eye, I love how the words are shaped like a tree!

2. What a fun idea to turn your holiday card into an Ornament!

3. The gold foil on this Foil Pressed Frame one is stunning! Check it out!

4. I love a shaped card but shaped with rainbow letters is too much cute, which is probably why it is called a Too Cute!

5. I love the Frosted Frame card and wording of this card- it is about as close to snow in a photo that we would get in San Diego!

6. The play on the song is so sweet in this Falalalalove one!

7. Something about me always loves the style of a polaroid and I love the look of this Family Snapshots card as a new take the traditional collage card.

8. Much like the tree shaped wording of the first one, I love the tree shaped photos of this Complete Tree holiday card!

9. Why not get a two for on in this Vintage Lettered Wishes card with Christmas and New Year’s wishes!

10. So so beyond cute for any card with mischievous little ones looking ever so sweet in the picture, maybe that is why it is called the Bandit card!

If you love these then make sure you check out all the cute Hanukkah cards they have as well!

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