10 new uses tuesday ribbon

10 New Uses Tuesday {Ribbon}

I am always trying to recycle and upcycle different things but I thought it might be fun to take something I always have in the craft area and come up with some new ideas for those pieces. 
If your craft area is ANYTHING like mine there is a ton of different stuff from many different crafting genres; scrapbooking, bow making, jewelery, decor, painting and so on. 
Today I thought I would tackle ribbon, I have a ton of it and through a couple years of bow making, I have found some ribbons are better than others, so the ones that are not ideal needed to be repurposed. Also, ribbon can be an affordable solution to parties, activities and decor as well! A nice little pick me up for not a lot of money (and don’t forget your craft store coupon!)
Let’s get going!
1. Homemade rubbing plates; hot glue the ribbon in any shape, letter or number you want to a piece of paper (better if it is a laminated piece of paper or cardboard to make it more sturdy but should work fine either way) and you are done!
2. Belt; I can’t tell you how many times I have used a piece of ribbon as a belt for my little tush-less princess. Most recently was today because she saw that Scott had a belt so she had to have one too. Wish I got a picture but she needed a nap- you don’t argue with a toddler that needs a nap. 
3. Weaving projects; this is perfect for scraps, you could take an old frame and wrap yarn around the whole thing to make a loom and then use scrap ribbons for the weaving, would be beautiful and fun!
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4. Headband holder; this is an idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun, genius:
5. Place mat embellishment; add a strip of ribbon to a plain placemat with either glue, tape (for a temporary look) or sew it on1Just one strip of a pretty ribbon will dress up any table!
6. Dress up a plain vase, more vase embellishment ideas HERE:
7. Wind chimes, mobiles and sun catchers; dressier than just yarn but just as functional!
8. Ribbon garland; also another great use for scraps. 
9. Wreaths, pennant banners and other door decor ideas. 
10. Wrapping napkins for dinner, I find a small dot of hot glue on the ribbon to hold it together works great and doesn’t ruin the napkin. 
What is your favorite use for leftover ribbon?

3 Responses to 10 New Uses Tuesday {Ribbon}

  1. Kara @ Mine for the Making January 11, 2012 at 6:39 am #

    I LOVE ribbon!!! I have a HUGE stash! Thanks for all of the ideas :)

  2. Lindsay January 11, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    I can never get enough of ribbon, so I really like this fun post! Thanks for even more ideas!

  3. Rose January 11, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    I love your rubbing plate idea. I use ribbon to tie up my Etsy jewelry boxes. There are always little scraps left over. Lately I’ve started using some of them to decorate homemade bookmarks and cards.