10 new uses tuesday plastic page protectors

10 New Uses Tuesday {Plastic Page Protectors}

When I was in college, during the times when I was just OVER it, I think what kept me coming back each semester was shopping at the office supply store. 
I am ok with that because I graduated- whatever it takes right?!
But with that comes buying large boxes of things like plastic page protectors and you know you should keep  them, but what else can you do with them??
Lucky for you I came up with 10 ideas for you!!
Let’s get to it!
1. Protective Cover for Tablet or Smart Phone– I thought of this while baking in the kitchen, I was using an recipe off the internet so I had the tablet in the kitchen with me and it was getting flour and batter on it- and that was driving me crazy. So I popped it in the plastic page and was still able to use the touch screen to scroll but kept it clean at the same time. And, of course you can still wipe the page protector clean if you need to!
2. Dry Erase Coloring Books and Worksheets: Just pop coloring pages or worksheets in page protectors and grab a dry erase crayon or marker and let the kids go to town, erase, and go again!
3. I Spy Bag: I still want to make one of these so you may see it soon, but the idea in my head is to fill a page with rice or beans or beads and a bunch of I spy items and tape the top closed. Then it would still fit in a quiet binder with the holes.
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4. Coupon Organization: I sewed my own coupon pockets for my binder before I aquired the baseball card pages and I still use them, there is a tutorial HERE.
5. Small Item Organization: Use the same tutorial to make pages to organize you scrapbook pieces, office supplies in a notebook or other small items you may have around the craft area. 
6. Window Planters: Just sew them up the same way as the previous two and fill them with a seed and some soil and watch the seeds grow!
7. No Mess Finger Painting: Just put the paper and the paint in the page and paint! You can even tape the top if you don’t mind not getting the page out and want extra clean security. 
8. File Folder Substitute: If you don’t have a file folder, just put a bunch of plastic pages in a binder and separate papers that way by putting them in each page. 
9, Dividers: I taped pieces of paint samples on the edges of plastic pages to make dividers HERE. Also helpful because dividers aren’t usually big enough to stick out of portfolios full of plastic pages anyways. Tutorial HERE.
10. Hanging Art Display: Tape together a bunch of pages, making sure not to tape the tops closed and you can make a hanging curtain that you can display art in and change out with seasons and new projects.

2 Responses to 10 New Uses Tuesday {Plastic Page Protectors}

  1. Lindsay March 14, 2012 at 2:27 am #

    I LOVE the first one, we could so use that at our house. Great post Michelle, love to hear about new ways to use different items!

  2. Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It March 16, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    Great ideas! I especially like the iPad cover, I always have that problem and have been racking my brain as to what I could use to protect it. Who knew it was as simple as a page protector (of which I have a lot of around the house.) lol