10 new uses tuesday plastic easter eggs

10 New Uses Tuesday- Plastic Easter Eggs!

I had a couple of ideas of what to do today’s 10 New Uses on and then I thought DUH! We all are going to have a BUNCH of plastic Easter eggs for all the hunts we have planned this weekend! And before you put them in storage, save a couple for these awesome ideas!!
Here is my thought, many of these you can store together in an egg carton and keep in the bathroom, car, craft area or other place that you would like them organized and right at hand. But more on that in the end…
On to the New Uses!!
1. Snack containers- these are a great size for lunches or even an emergency snack for your purse or car for any of those “oh crap, I ran out of cheerios and we still have to get through check out” moments. (Not that has ever happened, cough cough).
2. Hold a traveling nail kit, first aid kit, glasses fixing kit or anything else you can think of. 
3. Storing small game pieces and throw them in the game box. 
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4. Egg shakers; fill them with rice, beans, beads or anything else that is noisy and hot glue them shut. You will notice however that I have tapped the crap out of mine, that would be because if Scott sees and egg he wants to know what is inside it and will get it open at all costs (and that boy is pretty strong!) so I have tapped it so he can’t get into it and I also feel a little safe with Avery who is still oral and mouthing things. If your children are 3+  I would be comfortable with hot glue only. 
5. Matching, counting, one to one correspondence and fine motor activities for young children.
6. Organizing necklaces, hair ties, bobby pins and other beauty items. 
7. Storing play dough, stickers or other quiet activities to have on hand in the car or purse for times when children need to be occupied.
8. Hold change in your purse. 
9. Sort craft materials like beads, rhinestones, buttons, brads, grommets and more by color and type. 
10. Potpourri holder; put something scented inside, seal and place in drawers or shelves for an extra hint of freshness or scent. 
A bunch of great ideas right?! Here is what I meant before about storing them in like items in the egg cartons. You could store many colors of beads in the eggs in the carton, you could have a car kit carton with the playdough, stickers, snack, change and emergency kits or you could have one  carton in the bathroom that sorts your hair items, jewlery or other items. 
What would you use your plastic eggs for?
Also, stay tuned for a blast from the past craft from last year I made using plastic Easter eggs!

2 Responses to 10 New Uses Tuesday- Plastic Easter Eggs!

  1. Time For Play April 20, 2011 at 2:31 am #

    Great ideas! I just finished writing my post about what we have been doing with our plastic eggs. We did the shakers, colors, patterns….and had a race pushing them across the floor with our noses! It will post in ta morn….thanks for sharing you fab ideas!

  2. My Oatmeal Kisses April 20, 2011 at 3:35 am #

    I like the idea of going to town with Easter Eggs. Why not! I just found your blog today and I’m your newest follower!