10 new uses tuesday kids book pages

10 New Uses Tuesday {Kid’s Book Pages}

Hey all, you know we all have those books that have seen better days, and in our house we have so many copies of each book, I am glad to find new ways to use them once they have needed to be repaired one to many times. 
If you don’t have any thrashed books, you could always go to a used book store and grab one for a couple of bucks. 
Anyways, here are a few things you can do with them, wherever you find them!
1. Room Decor: You can frame pages you like and hang them on the wall in a bedroom or playroom. I am not going to leave this in my kitchen, it was just the best place to grab a quick picture. 
2. Cupcake Liners: This would be fun for kids for birthdays or parties, you can print a template online and then trace it on your pages and cut out little cups you can set your cupcakes after they are baked to add a little fun flair. 
3. Placemats: Kids would love to eat lunch off of the laminated pages of their favorite book, plus it would be a great conversation starter during the meal. 
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4. Pennant Banner: This would be fun for a room or party- you can cut out the triangles from the illustrations and hang them on a piece of ribbon. 
5. Story Sequence Activity: You could take square cut outs from a few main pages from the story and after reading versions that aren’t cut up, you could provide the children with squares and ask them to put the events in the story in the order that they happened. 
6. Creative Writing Prompts: Take pages that have been trimmed down and glue or attach them to the top of a piece of paper and then they can write a story based on the picture. Preschoolers could use these pictures to tell their stories to work on creative imagination. 
7. Reusable Coloring Pages: For your stories with black and white pages, you could slip them into plastic pages and kids could color them with dry erase markers or crayons.
8. Toddler Friendly Stories: Sometimes pages are hard to turn for little ones so you could take the pages out and laminate them to make them more sturdy and bind them back together. 
9.  Coasters for Kids: Just cut four inch parts of the illustrations and laminate them and then slip them under drinks!
10. Beginning Writing: Just like the reusable coloring pages, kids can trace the letters of books with large print to practice writing letters. 
What do you do with books that have seen better days?

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  1. Rose March 7, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    Awesome list as always!