10 new uses tuesday confetti

10 New Uses Tuesday {Confetti}

While cleaning out the garage (I have a feeling a lot of posts are going to start like this for the next week or so) I found a few bags of confetti- woohoo!
Once I had thought of a few things to do with them, I decided I should think of a few more and do a 10 New Uses post on them!!
So, here we go!
1. The first thing I did was take one of the bags and fill up some glass jars I saved from some paper flowers and used them as vase filler for some cute hearts I had, but flowers would also be adorable.
2. Eye Spy Bags; instead of sand, use confetti- working on this but I didn’t finish it before the sun went away and the pictures weren’t great. This is great for us sparkle lovin’ people.
3. Art projects- of course, where there is glitter, there should be confetti and sequins. Just sayin’.
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4. Color bottles; anything that sparkles is great for these and such a pretty addition.
5. Sand boxes or sensory tubs; as a preschool teacher let me tell you,  your child will spend hours (more like a whole bunch of minutes but you get the point) searching for “treasures”. I have been know to just walk out into a giant sand box and sprinkle them and cover them up before the kids come out, they are a fan. I don’t however, suggest this for toddlers unless you are watching them to ensure that they don’t get eaten.
6. Confetti eggs; I saw this for the first time on Rachael Ray but found them on Pinterest.
7. Table decor; it makes Wade crazy but I love adding confetti to fun table-scapes and centerpieces or buffets.
8. Sun catchers; I am a super fan of a laminating pouch, especially when kids just collage stuff inside one and you pass it through your laminating machine. Then cut shapes and hang them together as a mobile and then in a window or outside. I am going to have Avery make one when she wakes up from her nap.
9.Decorate and embellish tags and gifts.
10. Use fine confetti and put it in clear nail polish to make your own fancy version for much less money!!
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  1. Kara @ Mine for the Making January 18, 2012 at 5:35 am #

    Great ideas lady!