10 holiday office party tips

10 Holiday Office Party Tips

There is no doubt that this is the party season- with so many that your calendar may only have a couple empty days in the whole month. If you are lucky. While I have shared some tips HERE for having hassle free family get togethers, today I thought I would give  you a top 10 list for the holiday office party!

1. Buffet All The Way– Don’t even think of anything else, a buffet is the way to go at office parties, especially if it is a lunch thing because you can leave it up and let people eat over the course of an hour or two when they are able to find the time. This is still work after all and this is the best way to accommodate everyone.

2. Don’t go too over the top– I know, this is coming from me. But seriously, you are going to have to clean this up. Probably towards the end of your day when you are already tired and want to go home. Just make your life easier!

3. Make the most of you space– I threw this party at my husbands work in their conference room and they usually set up food on this long series of cupboards. Not a lot of space but by using the boxes and packaging that the food came in, I created height, which not only creates visual interest, but also allows me to fit in more food! Catering trick!

4. Dress up dips– Veggies, crackers and dip are a must have at office parties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! I shared a fun and easy idea in this post HERE.

5. Serve mostly room temp or cold food– Unless it works for the crock pot, it is going to be hard to keep hot food hot in a work setting safely. You don’t really want to use sterno unless you know someone is going to e in the room the whole time, it is fire after all. So make it easier and serve food s that you can keep on ice or at room temperature and you won’t have to worry about it at all!

6. Save time on centerpieces– The holidays are about sweets so what better to use as a centerpiece than all your dessert options? I rolled out some wrapping paper on the giant conference table, then flanked the ends with red ice buckets full of drinks. Then I lined the middle with a variety of desserts for an easy centerpiece that solved my space problem since all of this could not fit on my food buffet.

7. Make it a pot luck– Take the stress off planning and implementing the whole party by going pot luck. You can make a sign up list with suggestions so there are not doubles but there is no reason to take on the whole financial burden yourself!

8. Go Disposable– You know I amnot a huge fan of this but sometimes it is just a lot easier and holiday parties at work are one of those examples. Really, you just don’t want to stay late after work and do dishes. Think about it. Exactly. I got this fun little server at Sam’s Club and it stacks up like this but you can also take all the pieces apart- and it was only $20!

9. Use that crock pot– These are great because they cook and warm, so you can set up something simple like this slider bar with you frozen meatballs and your favorite spaghetti sauce in the morning and it will be ready at lunch time. Then just turn it to warm and you are good for the whole party! This is my new triple one that I love and I was able to cook the meatballs on the sides and then put the rolls in the middle on to warm them up- worked great!

10. Actually sit down and enjoy the party– I am a prime example of forgetting to actually sit down, have a meal and enjoy the party. I get so wrapped up in setting up, maintaining and cleaning up that sometimes I forget, but don’t!


I hope my tips help you enjoy this years holiday party!!

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